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Treating Gum Recession

For many, recession can be a symptom of a greater, underlying dental issue. Some of the key reasons to treat gum recession early on include:

  • May reduce the risk of loose teeth
  • Reduces pain and discomfort associated with inflammation of the gum tissue
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Restores a healthy looking smile
  • May reduce the risk of gum disease and other oral health problems
Treat Recession Today!
importance of gum recession treatment
Recession Treatment Options

In order to restore your oral health, you will need to seek professional treatment with [DOCTOR] in [CITYSTATE] for receding gums. 

Gum recession treatment and prevention options include:

The Importance of Treating Gum Recession in [CITYSTATE]

If you have loose teeth, receding gums, or other symptoms of gum disease, you must contact [DOCTOR] in [CITYSTATE] for an appointment as soon as possible. One of the most common signs of progressing gum disease is gum tissue that is pulling away from the tooth structure. Receding gums can be accompanied by gum pain, tooth sensitivity, and inflammation of the gums. Seeking treatment for gum recession and periodontal disease early on is essential for optimal oral health.

The Importance of Receiving Gum Recession Treatment

When you notice that your gums are pulling back and you have some tooth sensitivity, you must seek treatment for these types of gum disease symptoms as soon as possible. [DOCTOR] may recommend a gum graft and periodontal therapy to restore your oral health.

Gum recession treatments depend on the cause and [DOCTOR] can determine whether you are a good candidate for a gum graft or treatment for gum disease during your oral evaluation. Our dental hygienist can also provide you with tips on optimal brushing and flossing techniques to ensure that you are not causing unnecessary damage to the gums with your daily home care routine. Scaling and root planing therapy or laser gum disease treatment may be needed to eliminate an active infection in the mouth that is damaging your gums.

Gum disease is a progressive condition and can result in gum recession, loose teeth, and tooth loss, when left untreated. If you are concerned about loose teeth or want to learn more about gum disease treatment options, set up a consultation with [DOCTOR] in [CITYSTATE] today!